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3 Car Stacker (Pit)

3 Car Stackers - PJS-3(2)

The SAE 3 Car Stacker is an in-ground and modular car stacking system. It can easily park three vehicles below ground level. It is an intelligent parking system particularly useful for private residences and multi-storied apartment blocks where parking space is at a premium.

If required, up to three modules can be set side-by-side handling up to nine cars, creating an effective and efficient maximisation of useful, but limited, parking space. The SAE 3 Car Stacker is also extremely quiet, easy to operate and safe to use. On private sites, this underground stacking unit can be cleverly disguised with foliage or paving stones at ground level.

This means that when the unit is lowered it blends into your landscape, leaving your private residence looking uncluttered and open. Of course, this is also an invaluable security feature for inner city dwellers, giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and untouchable.

3 Car Ground Stacker

The Ideal solution to your parking problems. This below ground stacker handles 3 cars per module.Up to 3 modules can be grouped together handling up to 9 cars. The units are extremely quiet, easy to operate and safe to use.

~ Technical Characteristics ~
Length 5000 5000 5300
Width 1800 1850 1950
Height (upper) 2000/1500 2000/1550 2000/1550
Height (middle) 1550 1550 155
Height (lower) 1550 1550 1550
Weight KG 1700 1900 2300
MM 1650 1650 1650
3300 3300 3300
Time (rise/lower) 41/83 48/83 48/98
Motor Power kW 3.7 3.7 3.7
~ Measurements ~
Width of Pit (P) 2450 2500 2600
Length of Pit (L1) 5250 5250 5600
Rear Lift Support - Back Pit (L2) 1150 1150 1500
Rear of Platform - Front Pit (L3) 5300 5300 5650
Length of Platform (L4) 5180 5180 5530
Depth of Pit (H1) 3550/3590 3550/3590 3550/3590
Ground - Top Upper Vehicle (H2) 4950 4950 4950
5400/2000 5400/2000 5400/2000
Ground - Top of Above Platform (H3) 1800/2100 1800/2100 1800/2100
Distance Between Lift Supports 3250 3250 3250

Commercial to residential we customise the car parking system to your specific requirements. Whether a multi-level or slide parking system or a simple car park doubler, we're happy to provide more information on request.

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