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5 Car Stacker (Above / Below Ground)

5 Car Stacker - PSH-2(0)

Above/Below Ground Stackers - 5 Car Stacker/Car Lift - Parking Lift System

This above and below ground multi-vehicle car stacker (SAE 5 Car Stacker) is extremely quiet, easy to operate, safe to use and effectively maximises useful, but limited, parking space. Imagine creating useful parking space where none previously existed. Well, for your automotive business, the SAE 5 Car Stacker can do just that.

On land where only 3 cars could usually be parked, this unit will create two more spaces, making it a very intelligent parking solution. Perfect for small or large commercial business applications, the 5 Car Stacker will sort and deliver vehicles to the owner in less than 30 seconds, at the simple press of a button.

The lift and slide parking system is packed with safety features making it the ideal car parking system for any site where parking is at a premium and floor space is limited. Secure your clients vehicles and give them peace of mind with the SAE 5 Car Stacker.

5 Car Stacker (Above/Below Ground)

Commercial to residential we customise the car parking system to your specific requirements. Whether a multi-level or slide parking system or a simple car park doubler, we're happy to provide more information on request.

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