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Double Car Stacker - Single Column Car Stacker - Car Parking System (Above Ground / No Pit)

The SAE Single Column Double Car Stacker is the perfect answer to the parking problems of single private dwellings or small commercial operations. The use of a Double Car Stacker creates efficient parking systems for 2 vehicles when there is space for only one, they are perfect for underground car parks where sufficient head room is available. This low-cost parking system is simple to install, can be relocated easily and meets local authority standards for off-road private or staff parking.

An ideal space saver, this precision engineered easy-to-use unit features electro-hydraulic control and up to 2000kg lift capacity; it is also extremely quiet, easy to operate and safe to use. The Single Column Double Car Stacker is packed with safety features making it the ideal car parking system for any site where parking is at a premium and floor space is limited.

Please don't hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions about car stackers, car lifts, parking lifts, above or below ground for parking system options.

Doubler Car Stacker - Car Lift - Above Ground Stacker

The SAE Double Car Stacker is the ideal above ground space saver for commercial, residential, institutional and government locations where parking is a at premium and floor space is limited.

Features include:

  • Electro-hydraulic system
  • Keyed 24-volt controls
  • 240-volt 1 phase 50 HZ s
  • 2000 kg capacity
  • 2000 mm clearance height
  • 3680 mm x 1980 mm platform

A safety pin interlocking with a saw tooth rack on the side of the column guards against any unlikely failures. The lever in the horizontal position indicates that the system is engaged. The lever at the inclined position shows the system un-engaged.

The standard system is fitted with valves that hold the raised platform in place in the unlikely case of a hydraulic failure.

All controls are 24 volt, ensuring safety, the control boards are humidity protected and activated with a removable key.

The control box contains a manual over ride valve to lower the platform in case of a power fault or in case of an emergency.


The ET30-2 twin post is developed to provide customers with a reliable, stable and usable parking system. Two units are linked thereby saving space. The ET30-2 new Two Post Parking Lift is suitable for both commercial and residential parking purposes. It is hydraulically driven and can be used for both sedan & SUV.

  • Commercial grade design
  • Galvanized and corrugated platform guarantee safety and long life
  • Anti-slip corrugated deck
  • Dual hydraulic lifting cylinders direct drive
  • Individual hydraulic power pack and control panel
  • Self-standing and self-supporting structure
  • Symmetrical designed column
  • Can easily be relocated
  • Special designed control arm for operator control
  • Synchronization chain ensures lifting platform balance
  • 3000kg capacity
  • Platform width 2194 mm: length 3943 mm
  • 2 Linked combined width 5306 mm
  • Middle post sharing feature saves cost and space
  • Electric key switch for security and safety
  • Automatic shut-off if operator releases the key switch
  • Dynamic mechanical locks hold the platform in place in the unlikely event of failure
  • Manual lock release available in case electrical failure
  • Platform can be stopped at different heights to accommodate various vehicles and ceiling heights
  • Hydraulic overload protection

Commercial to residential we customise the car parking system to your specific requirements. Whether a multi-level or slide parking system or a simple car park doubler, we're happy to provide more information on request.

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